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So you have looked through our website, visited our Facebook page, and you have got the salsa spark ignited in you. There’s only one thing that is bugging you. You are not sure whether you can learn how to dance salsa with confidence, rhythm, and grace like you see so many people doing on television shows or in music videos.

Fear not, we have the answer: salsa classes.

Classes are offered at our Windhoek located at 27 Trift Street. With our considerable experience we have created a comprehensive salsa curriculum that will teach everyone the three things it takes to be a good social salsa dancer: rhythm, style, and fun.

Upon signing up for classes, you will be allocated to a group. Salsa Windhoek has two groups available at the moment: beginners and advanced beginners. Each group follows a particular curriculum that allows them to progress to the next level of salsa dancing.

Salsa Windhoek’s goal is very simple: to get you dancing. That means by the end of each month you will be able to hold your own at any of our social events.

If you are still hesitant about signing up for salsa classes, keep these three things in mind:

  1. Everyone can learn how to dance salsa. You, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your parents, Darth Vader, all the king’s horses, and all the king’s men. Everyone can learn. So shirk of your fears and hesitation and get ready to release your inner salsero and salsera.
  2. All dancers are made, not born. Nobody is born knowing the salsa footwork or the styling. Everyone has to be taught. There may be some people who learn things more quickly than others, but everyone must be taught in one way or another.
  3. Salsa, like life, is all about participation. So stop sitting by the sidelines while everyone else has fun. There is enough space on the dance floor for one more person: you.

How to sign up for classes

  • COST: The first thing to consider is how much time you will have available to attend classes. Bear in mind that the more classes you take in a month, the faster you will progress. There are two packages available:
    • The enthusiast: For N$550 per month you will dance twice a week (Mondays or Tuesdays depending on your level and on Wednesdays in the designated group class) in the allocated slots for your salsa level. Each class will be an hour long.
    • The part-timer: For N$450 per month you will dance once a week (on Mondays or Tuesdays only depending on the level) in the allocated slot for your salsa level. Each class will be one hour long.
  • INTAKE: To ensure that our classes are conducted in a coordinated manner we encourage people to sign up at our biannual intakes in February and July. Signing up in the middle of a month is only possible by prior arrangement. To prevent disruption to our classes, we do not permit drop-in classes unless a prior arrangement has been made as well.
  • VENUE: 27 Trift Street, Windhoek (ring the “Pilates” bell).

Please ensure that you make your first full payment at your first class. Only cash payments will be accepted at the class.

Dress code

There is no set dress code. However, since you will be dancing, please try to dress as comfortably as possible.

  • Gentleman: try to avoid wearing very loose or very constrictive clothing; hiking or construction boots or heavy sneakers (light trainers will do); or excessive deodorant (you do not want your partner fainting on you from inhaling too much cologne).
  • Ladies: keep it comfortable and simple. If you have professional dancing shoes you can wear those. Otherwise you can dance in pumps and any other light shoes. Avoid ordinary high heels, slippers, and wedges. You can wear skirts, dresses, or tights.

Remember: the more comfortable you are, the better you will dance.